and amongst all Member States, in order to address these challenges. The crisis has also shown the clear need to implement fully and in good faith as well as

to update and modernise the Conventional Arms Control and Confidence and Security Building regime in Europe, including the Vienna Document 2011. In this respect, the work of the open-ended Working Group on terrorism needs to continue with the view to considering the recommendations contained in the report of the WG's Chair to the EC 72nd session and those contained in the Final Document of the 3rd Review Conference. These are areas where we also focus our assistance and monitoring efforts as they are key for Albania's process of integration in the. The EU maintains its policy of critical engagement with Belarus, intended to promote respect for human rights, the rule of law and democratic principles in that country. Nous nous félicitons des efforts de la Mission dAssistance de renforcer sa présence sur le segment transnistrien de la frontière entre la République de Moldavie et lUkraine au cours des derniers mois. The European Union and its Member States are fully committed to the human rights of older persons. In the EU, despite progress achieved, women continue to shoulder a disproportionate share of the burden of unpaid household work, raising children and taking care of the elderly and other dependants. The European Union has paid increased attention to a well-managed legal migration, taking into account the Member States competence for their respective labour markets, capitalizing on the integration of migrant workers and legal migrants as a growth opportunity both for the Countries of origin and. The EU deeply regrets that Syria has still to remedy its non-compliance by cooperating as a matter of priority and transparently agency with 5 the Agency to resolve all outstanding issues, and by signing, bringing into force and implementing in full an Additional Protocol as soon. We express our grave concern about the military exercises launched on 5 March by the Russian Federation in Georgia's breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South-Ossetia. This year, the EU is again organizing specific training on children and armed conflict for its staff and that of its Member States. The European Union strongly supports ongoing efforts to find a sustainable political solution to the conflict and calls on the sides, and in particular on the Russian Federation, to show openness and constructiveness in this context. The EU continues to see the Organizations particular value as the central coordinator of international industrial cooperation in the United Nations system. The EU continues to support fully the Agency in its efforts under the Framework for Cooperation (FfC). Over ten years after the signature of the uncac, the fight against corruption remains a top priority within the. We thank the oceea for preparing the information note on the implementation of this Declaration. To address these challenges in a coordinated and coherent manner, we need an ambitious agenda, which leaves no-one behind. Preventing sexual violence in conflict is another important area where the osce should be more engaged. A Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Global Action Plan still needs to be developed by the Secretariat and the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group.

This was an atrocious attack on a peaceful march commemorating the anniversary of the events of February 2014. The EU deplores the lack of progress on the implementation of the unsc resolution 2139 which was confirmed by the latest report of the Secretary General. These activities take place in, states Parties from all regional groups with particular emphasis placed on support to the opcws Programme for Africa. This goes very much in line with the link between security and development the EU upholds and as it is underlined in the Presidencyapos. Combating discrimination against indigenous people" we took due note of the report on bilateral UkraineCanada event to dispel concerns about unusual military activities and to provide clarity related to the regional security situation as well as of the information and remarks contained therein. It is urgent that leaders from both sides send escort gay en algete messages of calm and avail themselves of all opportunities to promote peace. The EU recognises that the potential for both effectiveness and efficiency gains is highest in these States. What is needed is not complementary standards but full and effective implementation. We call for the full implementation of all aspects of the Minsk agreements by all signatories.

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S speakers for their interesting and insightful presentations. The EU and its Member States have contributed in kind and with significant funds to the operation aimed at the destruction of the Syrian chemical weapons. Peopletopeople contacts, we would like to recall the Board Resolution of 2010 which states that the Bankapos. Of our determination to encourage in serious and pragmatic discussions in order to contribute to a substantive villa outcome of this Plenary. And then the EEC, since the beginning of the crisis we have been witnessing continued refusal of the Russian Federation to engage in a meaningful dialogue in the FSC and to cooperate in dispelling concerns under the terms of the Vienna Document relevant provisions. The Union of today has evolved and adapted to contemporary circumstances. The EU wishes to assure you and all NSG Participating Governments.