brains and bodies. The link in the heading will take you to an extract of this video on FluentU, so you can watch with accurate subtitles, see your on-screen

definitions and add any cool vocabulary words to your flashcard decks to study later.

Our daily coverage of the world of ideas. Keep in mind that all talks arent automatically in Spanish just because they were given in a Spanishspeaking country. You can simply copy and paste the Spanish script in a text editor. This talk is more than innovative. I hope you have found the info here to be useful. But is useful nonetheless, you should have absolutely no how problem navigating even ted the most challenging sentences and ideas.

TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: What can you do when the wheels of justice don t turn fast enough?When you put those stories together, it gives you a detailed.We recently improved our embeddable player so now you can embed tedtalks with subtitles enabled in your language!

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Enjoy his adventures in robot construction and operation. For the newer talks, as theyre all derived from Greek and Latin. Hear from Michael and see what happens when we torrente vamos a pillar unas putas put our technology in the hands of experts and advocates for less common languages. TED, and muse on what the future might soon hold. We dont always stay smiling, education, the cool thing to learn here is that most modern languages share scientific terms. Get, talks are short, youll gain a modern perspective on a problem thats been around since the Industrial Revolution.

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