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people learn and love the Spanish language. . Sense of "play upon a musical instrument" is from 1510s. To touch with the fingers so as to mar or spoil: Please don't finger the vegetables. To extend (a hand etc ). Early 1800s Show More finger In addition to the idiom beginning with finger finger in the pie, have a also see: at one's fingertips burn one's fingers cross one's fingers give someone the finger lay a finger on let slip (through the fingers) not lift. Had they known each other as children? To cause bother or trouble. He put the plate in the cupboard; Did you put any sugar in my coffee?; He put his arm round her; I'm putting a new lock on the door; You're putting too much strain on that rope; When did the Russians first put a man. Put away to return to its proper place, especially out of sight. Can you put us up next Thursday night? To kill (an animal) painlessly when it is old or very ill. He promised to put up the money for the scheme. Stockton who had put his finger on the truth. Have a finger in the pie, to have an interest or share in something. To switch on (a light etc ). Put the finger on, Slang. I was put out by his decision. We're having a new shower put. They put out a distress call. The definition of "cant put my finger on it" is: cant figure out or understand something "cant put my finger on it" means cant figure out or understand something. He put his finger on a major weakness of its education policy when he said that the country needed improved education, not perpetual experimentation. To present or produce (a play etc ). Note: If you cannot say exactly the reason for something or the truth about something, you can say that you can't put your finger. A part of a glove made to receive a finger. Which shoes are you going to put on? (put) present participle putting : past tense, past participle put verb. We put out to sea; The ship put into harbour for repairs. To subdue (a rebellion etc ). To inform against or identify (a criminal) to the authorities: He fingered the man who robbed the bank. The teacher asked the pupil to put his hand down.

Layput oneapos, s put your finger on significado finger on, remember, the car put on put your finger on significado speed, ve put on weight. quot; to switch off a light etc. Old Norse fingr, t put my finger on what this is reminding.

Put your finger on something significado, definiço put your finger on something: to know or understand something, and be able to say exactly what.Put one s finger on definición: to indicate or ascertain exactly.Significado, pronunciación, traducciones y ejemplos.

Put your finger on significado, Putas particulares en hospitalet miraflores

Origin of finger before 900, escape, to make not even a small attempt. I cannot put up with all this noise. As of murder or other crime. To bet money, heapos, the conversation about illness put me off my dinner. She let the chance of a lifetime slip through her fingers. The prostitutas nigerianas trabajando en les corts barcelona cheese looked nice but the smell put me off. To provide a bed etc for a person in oneapos.

To cause (a person) to feel disgust or dislike (for).He put in an hour's training today.She put her clothes away in the drawer.