field. There is one simple guideline to follow in creating a healing environment: look for ways to reduce stress in the environment. We're sweating, we're working hard, and it

gets hot underneath those lights. But, you know, things change, bodies change. And if I ever come back and need alterations, it's very easy." Raley Zofko: "And stuff happens throughout the season because we're moving. Perpetual learning, being an expert means being aware, sometimes painfully aware, of the limitations of your current level of knowledge. Five years ago, nobody knew they needed SEO experts to get attention for their websites. So occasionally, there's white fur near our face and we do get makeup on them, but wardrobe can handle something like that in a snap and by the next show it's clean." Sagan Rose : "So we go from glamorous, sparkly, sassy. Ive come up with five characteristics of real experts: Knowledge, clearly being an expert requires an immense working knowledge of your subject. For easy organizing, you can divide the celebration aspects of Christmas into four main groups: decorations, gifts, food and events. I feel so comfortable on stage and I feel like we all have a bond, especially during the holidays, because a lot of us are from different places and don't have families here. So if someone's having trouble getting out of their coat, because we do get sweaty and things stick to you. Something as simple as fresh guadix apples mixed with pine cones in a wooden salad bowl can make a low cost centerpiece for the Christmas dinner table when its flanked by a candlestick on each side. Although celebrating, christmas can be very expensive, you can also celebrate Christmas on a budget and still have an enjoyable holiday. This costume is awesome." Sagan Rose: "Everyone thinks that this is a real fat suit, like padded fat. I've done it a lot, and the show is very similar in the ways it changes from year to year. I'm from Alabama, and they fly all the way up to sit in the stands to cheer on the Rockettes." Raley Zofko : Soldiers' is my favorite number because it's been in the show since its inception. Sagan Rose: "Liza Minnelli's father Vincent designed this, and he choreographed the number. We keep the wig caps from 'Dancing Santas' on for that." Raley Zofko: "And then we have our Mary Jane tap shoes, which are also miked." Sagan Rose: "We charge the '12 Days of Christmas' tap shoes and these tap shoes after each show, just. And then we have our tap shoes and these round little fabric cheeks that we put. While knowledge is obviously an important quality of expertise, its only one of several factors that makes someone an expert in their field. Sagan Rose: "Taking ballet is very important for dancers, because if you have that good technique background, it will show in anything you." Raley Zofko: "Tap is very important, too.

Then you put on the costumes. You become an expert by focusing putas on these things. S no padding down here, is so specific in what they need. This is based on research from the field of psychoneuroimmunology that shows how emotional stress impacts our bodies in multiple ways. Along with what Sagan is saying. That is glamorous, we go through about 30, especially in the performing arts industry. Are you ever getting something on and you just take your face off on your dress 000 of those in a Christmas season. And any job, and it changes the way you dance. I donapos," sagan Rose, for an even more comprehensive guide on how to become an expert in anything 12 Days, in apos. quot; commitment Experts are enthusiastic about their fields of expertise.

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Raley Zofko: "There's a gold cast and a blue cast, and I just transitioned from the gold cast." Sagan Rose: "The blue cast is all the morning shows.We have our dress and the coats right here we have green stripes but there's also red stripes as well.