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Java. Default " (two spaces) indent_last Indent the closing bracket/brace for arrays and objects? Ruby converts your string into a hash. Lets say you open a new blank.json file and you start putting in key/value pairs, and some values are full paragraphs one and IN THE.json file you just want to copy and paste paragraphs from a word document, 1 paragraph at a time into into the.json file, for. Default:false short Put opening brackets on the same line as the first value, closing brackets on the same line as the last? JavaScript multiline strings and templating? Im writing some data files in json format and would like to have some really long string values split over multiple lines. Using pythons json module I get a whole lot of errors, whether I use / or /n as an escape. Plus, equally simple for machines to generate or parse. Let me try again. No clickbait, cookies help us deliver our Services. What I see line is: Proper indentation for Python multiline strings.

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