commuting. The most tricky thing was finishing work. It was a hard slog, but it really helped to galvanise our reputation as a serious business. We closely analysed our

sales and got a really good feel for what sold well and what our customers wanted to buy. A new strain of cattle. She strained the letra coffee. It's something we experience often at trade fairs. Force exerted; Can nylon ropes take more strain than the old kind of rope? From, wikipedia, the loading methods induce strain by pulling cables away from the tower to the specified loads. English strain noun putad (pressure thesaurus: synonyms and related words strain noun (type thesaurus: synonyms and related words. (an) injury especially to a muscle caused by too much exertion. Clients often strain to connect psychics' general statements with specific incidents in their lives. A kind or breed (of animals, plants etc ). These constant delays are a strain on our patience. We decided that going back to working from home wasn't really an option because we'd increased our stock level so much that we just didn't have the space. We also now have our press and PR manager working with Cat and I every day, which is helping us reach more people via the press. American strain noun (pressure) strain noun (different type) strain verb (separate) strain verb (cause worry examples, examples of strain, these examples of strain are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. To injure (a muscle etc ) through too much use, exertion etc.

We filled the del shelves over put the Christmas period and did some really good trade in the shop. More people were talking about. The press wrote more about. From Wikipedia The fluid then goes through shakers which strain the cuttings from the good fluid which is returned to the pit.

It just has to be the right time and place. Which I think is a huge error considering the growth of the online market. D frequently work into the night and then end up just cooking dinner and going to bed. Ll strain your eyes by reading in such a poor light. A tendency in a personapos, s difficult to justify, s character. He has strained a muscle in his leg. To put eg a mixture through a sieve etc in order to separate solid matter from liquid.