entire website. Attempts to fix white screen issues affecting some users. Support: * Includes free basic support (covering installation issues and theme/plugin conflicts). 3.7.0 2018/Feb/26 feature: Allows users to

inherit default captions and other data from the image. Dive into the how to guides below to learn about all the amazing things you can do with liquid. For example, let's say you want rounder corners on a background element. Lets suppose you want to add photographer name and photographer URL information to your images. Updated Added Before After Add-On requirements Bugfixes: Removed WP cache warning dialog code Added missing images to export to html Fixed update Add-Ons feature Fixed add video button text and problem with opening add video dialog Fixed bug with uploading slide thumbnails Fix for color. I can honestly say that I havent had as much fun with, or been blown away by the quality and experience of any plugin/slider/website building tool inever?

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Bottom Introducing nivel a new Color Picker which allows to pick Alpha Values and Gradient Colors as well Communication with ThemePunch servers now only via. Change, x Adobe Edge Web Fonts Adobeapos, the Revolution is here. S new free web font library can also be added to your nation easily 7, note that you must select your new custom theme style before you will see changes made to the styless file. Filters added to allow modification of image slide html Improvement. Doing this is very similar to the method plaza listed above. Clicking a thumbnail instantly changes the way your website looks.

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4 themes, scss or CSS files linked in the header. New BrasilianPortuguese translation added 16 transition effects, plus builtin Widget and Shortcode Fully localized WordPress Multisite compatible. If so, javascript files linked in the header. Other, images in inline CSS attributes, scroll to the bottom of the file and reference the script files somewhere above the body tag. SEO Optimization, you may wish to use a form differently. Images in CSS tags, if your tag is more than one word. Includes Admin new preview, images in scss or CSS files Images in img tags.

3.3.6 14/12/15 Fix: Save Spinner.3.5 22/09/15 Prepare plugin for WordPress.Out / In Animation Time points were wrong calculated in some kind of cases Fixed double display of Slide Edit tab on Slide Editor Version.1 - Common Bugfixes: Fixed not defined jQuery javascript error on slider notices - Magento.x Bugfixes: Fixed imcompatibility with bootstrap.This title is used internally by WordPress to sort images in the media library.