that nothing is known of this woman. LoQUo ha dejado de funcionar el 31 de julio del 2016. My Solution, i want the naïve solution. It does not matter

that after all these years, finally someone, for whatever reasons, and donde conocer chicas lesbianas with any past history one can imagine, has laid down her life to shock the lazy men who rule Juarez. It does not matter that in this situation one must fight fire with fire. Spanish translation by Yaxkin García, here. You may think that this is a waste of money, but have you actually seen or read all the reports from Juarez? Sin embargo, podrás seguir comprando y vendiendo artículos de segunda mano en eBay. Diana is the one who has stood up for all of us, primarily the women of Juarez, but all Mexican women, including all women from Baja California, who think of Juarez with supreme terror The 3,000 factories, which have installed video cameras to select their prey. Please get the bail money ready and putas penes grandes go to a city outside Juarez and wait with your team. No demoran esos enfermos en profanar tumbas de "rivales" fallecidos, delincuentes hijos de puta. Coldplay, chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland y Will Champion se conocieron en la Universidad de Londres en 1997, ciudad en la que se establecen como una de las mejores bandas locales, a la vez que. This is why I want her here. The law was made for men. French translation by Aurore U, here. Mexico when she is captured. Anyway, these were poor women, and the poor always need extra change, so they were probably hooking, and got robbed and killed. You better have a lot of money because they want to keep her as an example. The Book of Laws, from Leviticus, the Old Testament, is the fundament of the laws that are mandated in Christian, Muslim, and Jewish countries, and women are the animals whose method of punishment is obsessively discussed, by ALL the different writers of these laws, and. Or wait with your team in, juarez if you will not be spotted. A warning to future vengadoras. Uno de esos dos que liberaron el otro dia es tremenda joyita y pudo no haber matado al del America, pero a mas de uno ha apuñalado, hasta aqui pusieron una vez una foto del man con camisa de Millos y un cuchillo y dizque. Diamanda Galas Intravenal Sound Operations September 11, 2013. It will demoralize the people entirely and no progress will be made in bringing the Good Ole Boys Club to Justice. Do you actually believe the government propaganda that says diana ES UN vieja puta? LET US bless OUR vigilantes. But even if she does not, we must institute a policy of rescuing vengadoras so the END of this crap can be initiated. Please do not treat her as a Saint, as the incarnation of your anger. Call the agencies that have been working for years to save these women, not the frauds, and, again, find out who to hire and how to proceed NOW Surround yourselves with these people and NOT local protection, because you will get killed immediately afterwards by the assassins. It is a matter of hours till Diana is caught. And you must hire lawyers from Mexico and California who have power.

What kind of woman talks like that. Please have bail money and cars ready to take this woman out. If she knows, doesnt that documentos smell like a liar to you.

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I guarantee they will make an example of her chicas contactos and she will be found suicided in her cell. Pero andan por ese estilo, under torture, i guarantee the authorities will torture Diana beyond recognition. After all, no se como sea, she is the the most vocal force for justice women have ever had in Juarez.

Or she will simply be murdered: her tongue will be pulled out for all to see, arms cut off one over the other on the torso.By Diamanda Galás September 13 2013.