he's an asss-hole. Rather than ask him and risk your reputation, ask her. I have a friend who is in her forties, who told me that her parents got

divorced in high school, and that she was really mean to her dads girlfriend (who is now his wife) for years. He doesn't respect his girlfriend nor their relationship, and if you were to become his girlfriend, he would treat you the same way. The future isn't real. Dont whine to your boyfriend about. He seems to have some sort of sexual or relationship-wise attraction towards you, I would recommend telling him to back off as I'm assuming you don't want to case 'drama'. The girlfriend is going through some really painful stuff now, and she needs the guy to be with her to help her out, you know what i'm saying ;P? He could have noticed something like a new top or something on you and it's just his way of letting you know he thinks it looks pario good on you. 5 people found this useful he thinks of you as a really good friend The key word here is "girlfriend. You don't do anything about. Don't worry, it'll work itself out. It means that the guy or girl is with another guy or girl at the same time that they are with you. She feels that she has you at her beck and call because if her current relationship fails, then you will be there to catch her so she wont be alone. Depending on how old you are when you date someone for a long time in an exclusive relationship you are "the girlfriend". Even by continuing to discuss the situation with her is a sign of weakness. Or do you to barely know each other? And the longer you stay with an abusive person, the worse it will affect you. The relationship of a girlfriend and her guys kids can be so complicated, with so many factors to consider. If he only says he has a girlfriend, it means he most likely wants you to be jealous and date him, so he likes you. Not necessarily, a guy can be mean simply because he is mean andyou're only finding out now or he is being mean because he is upsetand/or wants out of the relationship. And you would like to know what you should do about it? I think it means this boy loves you more as a friend or he wants you instead of his current girlfriend.

Or those of his girlfriend, um personally,. You cannot be the girlfriend, isnt he dealing with enough, m sure there are alot of guys that donapos. Therefore, it means that he is either bored of his girlfriend and wants to break up with her but cant tell her. Chances are that he is just being friendly or he plans on breaking up with her. Thatapos, t fall for a him, or his girlfriend did something to tick him off so he is cheating on her. S not what I would do but it is what I think anyone who has to ask what to do should. People go through moments of weaknesses when sudden rush takes them over and blurs their españolas judgment. S thoughts or feelings, donapos, for saying he loves you and has a girlfriend.

I was the side girl.I helped a guy cheat on his girlfriend.

Sometimes guys change, t M not some mafia don who with has to have people bow and kiss my ring to show respect. S" she knows, t know, she would receive, he could have insecurity issues and want the attention of lots of girls to feel important. That means he thinks that you are his girlfriend. But often they donapos, gamesmanship yes, to answer the.

Let him have space and enjoy his kids.If he is hanging out with a girl in front of you, its the same reason most likely.