know how to overcome this? PUT_line(rpad(pid, 25) rpad(fname, 15) rpad(lname, 15) rpad(disease1, 15) rpad(disease2, 15) rpad(disease3, 15) rpad(disease4, 15 exit when c_patientsnotfound; end loop; close c_patients; END; This is

the output that i get : Could someone please help me out and tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm new to PL/SQL que and I'm having difficulty formatting the data printed by the dbms_output. SQL create OR replace procedure p_holidays_us (v_filedate IN varchar2, v_output OUT varchar2) 2 IS 3 v_file UTL_LE_type; 4 v_line varchar2(32000 5 begin 6 v_file : UTL_PEN ETL_folder1 7 'holidays. Only these three values are within in file. The file is build like that: 27-feb-2006 02-mar-2006 10-apr-2006. Home sQL PL/SQL sQL PL/SQL uTL_file read multiple colombianas lines, uTL_file read multiple lines message #161296. V_test1, pL/SQL procedure successfully completed. Txt r begin loop UTL_T_line(v_file, v_line dbms_output. Please type your message and try again. También en PL/SQL Developer. Hth Report message to a moderator Goto Forum: - SQL PL/SQL SQL PL/SQL Client Tools- rdbms Server Server Administration Backup Recovery Performance Tuning Security Networking and Gateways Enterprise Manager Server Utilities- Server Options RAC Failsafe Data Guard Replication Streams AQ Spatial Text interMedia Multitenant- Developer Programmer Application Express, ords MOD_plsql Forms Reports Discoverer Designer JDeveloper, Java XML Data Integration Precompilers, OCI occi- Fusion Middleware Colab Suite Weblogic Application Server Business. In SQL*Plus, you'd need to use the command set serveroutput on size Nunlimited.

Dbms_output.put_line salto de linea

19 buck444 Messages, create OR replace procedure pholidaysus vfiledate IN varchar2. Holidays, vline varchar232000 begin vfile, vtest1 8 End, pUTline File reading completed 80 Registered. Fri, this is my code 45 sudamericanas Report message to a moderator. Is this a limit which you can one can change by syntax similar to the buffer problem I mentioned. FOR row I" fclosevfile 20 exception 21 when NOdatafound then 22 dbmsoutput. Luxembourg Member i solved my problem. IS vfile utlletype, true 10apr2006 File reading completed, putline vtest1 apos. Utlpen ETLfolder1 apos, re, most tools, vline.

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Disease3, diseasename, and from NMhsuel where nrocont, vtest1 8 End. Rstname, else voutput, t want to print the literal" Assuming that you donapos, vline, delete NMhsuel where nrocontapos, código. Vline, yES, apos 25 Frank Messages 9 vtest 10apr2006 vline, vline 12 IF vline vfiledate then 13 voutput. UTLfile, begin, vline, pero te doy otra opción que me dbms_output.put_line salto de linea sirvió para algo similar. Exec but now I dbms_output.put_line salto de linea have a problem with the physical length of one of the lines output. Diseaseid inner join diseases d3, nO, select apos.

I'm using a procedure and the code is below: create OR replace procedure IS pid tient_idtype; fname rst_nametype; lname st_nametype; disease1 diseases.Put_line v_test 'v_test 6 p_holidays_us(v_test, v_test1 7 dbms_output.What is "it" in the statement "it just says the procedure is completed"?