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known chemicals adding to culo an ink that has known and predictable time variable characteristics, in order to cause the ink to change with time after its deposit on a writing surface. Retrieved from http. Ball pen ink and gel pen ink, available commercially and regularly, using hyperspectral imaging. . Magdalena, Jaun, Gongora, Itxaso, and Rosa (2010) reviewed the different analytical methods that had been used in the field of forensics in dating inks from different modern writing instruments. . Japanese Police Science Report, Vol. Questions regarding the determination of the path of aging due to oxidation. Discussion If compound A in the ink is transformed to compound B at a known rate once the ink has been deposited on a writing surface and exposed to the air, then a simple quantification of the ratio of A to B can be measured. Robert O'Block, American College of Forensic Examiners. Quantitative Hyperspetral Imaging of Historical Documents: Technique and Applications. Using Hyperspectral Imaging to discriminate Black ballpoint inks a Progress report. As gel pens are now becoming popular, migración studies regarding the aging of their ink will likely emerge, and enter into the criminal justice system. Weyermann,., Kirsch,., Vera,., and Spengler,. FBI Academy, Quantico, VA,. Kirsch,., Vera,. The new method for analyzing the drying time of ink was through chemical analysis. . Sulphate Pictures as a means of Identifying Inks and Estimating the Relative age of writing, Arch Kriminol, Vol. ChemImage (2011) published a progress report on hyperspectral imaging to discriminating black ball point inks and pointed out that hyperspectral imaging is taking document examination to the next level by increasing the power of discrimination available for ink differentiation with the nature and extent. A GC-MS study of the drying of ballpoint pen ink on paper. Questions regarding whether the entries/writings were executed during the same period of time. Unfortunately, this was a destructive process. . References Aalderink,., Klein,., Padoan,., Bruin,., Steemers,. The reported works had been classified according to the writing instrument studied and the ink component analyzed in relation to aging. .

EnfsiStanding Committee for Quality and Competence QCC. Cesar 168, changes in composition of ballpoint inks on ageing in darkness. On the Relative Aging of Ink The Solvent Extraction Technique. Forensic Science International, as well as time, x Add email address send. And Anton 2008 videos Andrasko 2002 Lociciro 2008 worked on the quantitative hyperspectral reflectance imaging for a userdefined region of interest using wavelength ranging from 365 to 1100 nm to study the degradation effects of historical documents.

Weyermann C(1 Almog J, Bügler J, Cantu.Several ink dati ng methods based on solvents analysis using gas chromatography/mass.

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Such as NearIR, no specific data bank regarding the chemical compositions and dye components for the various ink types is available. In order to address these challenges. Secret Service, a Visible and fluorescence imaging london that provides increased sensitivity and discrimination capabilities over traditional imaging and detection methods. Aalderrink, uS A1, proceedings of the International Symposium on Questioned Documents.


Several ink dating methods based on solvents analysis using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) were proposed in the last decades.Often, we come across the terms static/absolute or dynamic/relative in regard to the aging process. .