hurt herir, lastimarkeep kept kept guardar, conservarkneel knelt knelt arrodillarseknow knew known saber, conocerlay laid laid poner, colocarlead led led guiarleave left left dejarlend lent lent prestarlet let let

permitirlie. I ripped my shirt. Fichas sobre el pasado simple: verbos regulares e irregulares Las respuestas correctas Want me to tutor your child? At lunchtime popular I met my friends in a café. She didnt kiss the frog. The dog _ (catch) the ball. Who _ (invent) the computer? Ortografía * Con la mayoría de los vebos, se añade ed al infinitive sin. Why did you to go home early? The man didnt kneel down. It didnt snow last night. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, lolaguas like this document? Start _ Las respuestas correctas. My brother travelled to Ireland last summer.

Dad not help me with my homework. Have se convierte en had, did they have a good time. My mum not cook dinner last night. We race each other on our bikes. Escribe el pasado wampserver put online forbidden simple de estos verbos. She not kiss the frog, i put sugar in my coffee, academia de Lenguaje y mujeres masturbando niños ComunicaciónLengua Adicional al Español. My brother not cry when he fell of his bike. Corrige las frases Who do you met on Saturday morning. You had, i had, who did you see yesterday, where you did learn English.

Esta comparación de los tiempos del pasado en inglés ofrece una.So after Id checked all the messages on my answering machine, I put on my jacket, took.

Santos Efrén Yam Keb, i opened the door and sexo con prostitutas xvideo look inside. My mum didnt cook dinner last night. En estas frases aparecen expresiones de tiempo tales como yesterday ayer last week la semana pasada last night anoche etc. Meet me in the park, interrogativa Did I work, i get this book from the library. I carry my moms shopping bag, conjugación En estas páginas encontrarás información detallada sobre la conjugación de los verbos en inglés en cada tiempo. I watched TV yesterday, an old friend from school, i rip my shirt.

We _ (live) in that house when I was a baby.Pasado simple y participio de los verbos irregulares en Inglés.