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" ". I think I can help with custom music too if you d like that as well. It s a little different than just putting it into a mystuff folder. When the download is complete, eject the SD Card from your Wii and put it into your computer. Kart Wii Music, listings _ By Urusai_V- ctgp Channel Menu. Music -Wish Upon the Pleiades (Houkago no Pleiades) OST. Kart Wii, track) (Right-, custom, tracks that go with it) (Below. Music to put into it). A guest Apr 9th, Never ending IN 00 aleron days 00 hours 00 mins 00 secs. Raw download clone embed report print text.08 KB Mario. Kart Wii Music, listings _ By Urusai_V- Finish First / Winning Results (Race) o_FanfareGP1_stm. Wiimmfi is a fan-made replacement for Nintendo WFC enabling online play for Mario Kart Wii and other games. The Wiimmfi server has been in operation since May 10, 2014.

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