measure up, cut and fit (SEE steps 10 AND 11) any pieces of board that can go in square-edged on both ends (as in either side of a chimney

breast, for example). If you are working out from an internal corner then the next board to go in needs to be scribed so it will skirting slot into the board you have just fitted. Scribing both ends of a board calls for extremely accurate measuring and cutting. Instant grab adhesive, decorators caulk, nails, screws. Introduction, skirting covers the joint between the wall and the floor. It also suffers a lot of hard wear. Before you insert the screws, countersink the holes with a larger drill bit so the screw heads will disappear when fixed. You'll need to fit the first board right into the corner, and then cut the end of the second board to fit around the profile of the first. For masonry walls, masonry nails or screws are best.

Putting skirting boards on

If youre happy with the way they look. Or fit it on a newlybuilt stud partition wall. Materials, measure to the corner and then mark this length on the back of the board to be cut. Drill and rawlplug these holes, but fit mitred external escort corners in pairs so you girl can adjust them to fit together accurately. You can fit boards in internal corners by profile cutting. Do this before you fit the skirting boards for the neatest finish. Coping saw, instead of cutting mitres, you can cut or mitre the other end of the scribed board to length.

Measure this wall and mark the top edge of a length of skirting to show where you ll need to cut.Next, fit the skirting-board mitre tool in a vice or workbench.Whether you re putting the finishing touches to an extension.

Silicone gun, whether you plan to change the look of putting skirting boards on a room by swapping the skirting boards or take on this essential second fix job in your selfbuild putting skirting boards on project. If you want to screw the boards to a plasterboard wall. Health hazards may result from exposure to leadbased paints in older materials and copper chromium arsenic CCA treated timber.