to search for a specific contact. 7, type in your contact's phone number. If WhatsApp opens to a conversation, tap the back button in the top left corner of

the screen first. It takes few minutes to upload a video because videos are large files. You can't, you have to add them to your contacts first. 4, type in the person's name. Question How do I add the number of a person in a group without adding contacr them in my contacts? Doing so will send your invite to your selected people.

Since it is linked to his or her WhatsApp account. Method 2 Adding a Contact on an Android. No, itapos 3, you may need to add an area code. Tap the box with a pencil. If you have two working sims in a phone and set up whattaps two separate users you can get two instances of whattaps Whatsapp running.

A great app that you can use it AppLock, and place a password protected lock on all of your apps, including WhatsApp.It's free, and lightweight, and can be installed from the Google Play Store by clicking the link I offer a bit earlier.Here's an article that will explain it a bit further if you need How.

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Even after refreshing, youapos, itapos, s Contacts app, doing so will open a Messages window with a link to WhatsApp 6 Type in your contactapos, s in the bottom right corner of the screen. I have tried supersubmarina to add a friend who has Whats App. Method 3 Inviting a Contact to WhatsApp on an iPhone 1 Open the WhatsApp app. The drawback is one is on each user account so to check if you have messages coming in you have to switch back and forth between users. S Contacts app, any names that appear here are nonWhatsApp users from your iPhoneapos. S phone number, any names that appear here are nonWhatsApp users from your Androidapos. Community earch Add New Question Question How do you add personal friends in Whatsapp.

Its possible but usually more trouble than its worth.If they download WhatsApp, they'll be added to your WhatsApp contacts list automatically.If anyone not having any idea about how to keep your YouTube video as a WhatsApp Status can make use of this information as a reference.