door. . Faith that forgiveness and kindness prevail. So when I experience personal moments of pain, or witness painful events endured by others, I think, Put on some lipstick.

In 2012, after the shooting of grade school children in Sandy Hook, just a few towns away from where my own children attend school, I could hear my grandmother's words, Put on some lipstick. It may be all in your head, but who cares. . When she was satisfied, my grandmother turned to my mother, saw her drawn and ashen face, and said, quite plainly, Put on some lipstick. Though fluent in many languages, her English was limited, so my mother load accompanied her as her advocate. Lipstick can convey many moods, go put on some lipstickitll make you feel better. . My mother responded with utmost seriousness. . Faith in God's mercy and justice. I go to the gym and eat healthy. . We had planned to take the kids and go out to dinner. . I asked my mother, half-joking, what shade of lipstick I should wear to the interview. . Wanna go with me to see my roommates band on Saturday night? I inhaled deeply before going into my job interview and exuded the confidence of which my mother promised me would be found in that tube of lipstick. . Now, I sit here as the mother of three small boys. . My husband had been out of town on business and was due to arrive back in town Friday night. . I opened the box and dabbed it on my lips. . I draw guidance from my grandmother's life. It was in my last year of law school that my mother offered me the same advice that she offered me in college. She was conceived three months after the liberation of the camps. I took my mothers advice. . The Holocaust was the very thing which had dampened her faith and it was simultaneously the time during her life in which her faith was the strongest. I bought a t-shirt before leaving. . I think that every man in the place secretly blamed me for ruining their evening. . Slumped in her chair, pale and teary eyed, she watched in wonder as my grandmother made her way to a mirror on the wall to fix her hair, straighten her blouse, reapply makeup. But this is because I had forgotten, in those times, to look past the appearance of value to the true intrinsic value God placed in all. I would survive and did. . Faith that while we cannot always see the purpose of our pain, there is a bigger picture, and God, Infinitely Wise and Merciful, has an infinitely wise and merciful plan. I could never do it again. Jake then said, You looked really hot! . And I remember that it is precisely the moments when we feel our faith most shaken, that our faith is, in fact, most strengthened. They were about value. Because the strength she spoke of was a strength of faith. And though painful times are the ones in which we are most tempted to wallow in sorrow, they are in fact the times we need to stand up straight and remember our value. Because of their faith, my mother is here. There are many times in my life when I have looked at the actions of a person or institution, and felt personally devalued.

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My dilemma is that Im not sure what shade I need right now at this time. Red, i think I need a trip to the MAC counter. We were engaged during my senior year of college. Our group of six girls had turned into a group of thirty five women laughing. After all they had seen, in a lowered hushed voice, after several days.

Ill call him Jake, his purpose, nancy was feeling a bit dangerous and decided to go with a deep burgundy shade called Carnal. My grandmother walked into a Jewish Agency in Manhattan to apply for restitution from the German government for her financial losses during wwii. My grandmother pictured with her first greatgrandchild. Newline, im feelin very Girl About Town these days. But really his initials are at nogood er broke up with me to date some mousy brunette that wore Birkenstocks and tie dyesans makeup. Became porno our purpose, her experiences during the Holocaust greatly tested her faith.

Put on some lipstick, itll make you feel better! .For hours, they were subjected to demoralizing, suspicion-filled questions in which they relived the horrors my grandmother had endured.We decided to sit at the MAC counter at Saks and have a lip makeover. .