in the evening, and the mountains become clear and sharp again. Ejemplos desde el Corpus reverse Financial reverses forced Thomas to sell his business. The parasympathetic nervous system does

the reverse, preparing the body for more vegetative activities. In some families the father goes out to work and the mother stays at home. Tyler had been charged with reversing this trend. If it was done wrong, the migration west might go right into reverse. Maria put the car into reverse and drove away. Anita Anderson somebody (2002)That's the real test of a theory, son, how much of it you're willing to put in writing. Cities are expanding and using up more and more of the desert. The image on the screen was reversed and upside down. Karin Slaughter kisscut (2002). Our aim is to reverse this trend and to protect our open spaces. Their voting preferences were, of course, in the reverse order. Awards made during and after World War Two have the year of the award engraved on the reverse lower limb. History would be written in reverse. The reverse process was used to install the launcher on pedestals at the pad.reverse out of/into etc The four-wheel started first go and he reversed out into the farmyard. The baby screamed bloody murder when I put it in the hot bath. On the reverse Should you wish to apply for assistance with fees, please complete Section D on the reverse of the application form. When the trend went into reverse, it was London which fell first and furthest. Net cash position Practically everything that I have said about borrowing is applicable to cash, in reverse. Temas relacionados: Motor vehicles reversereverse1 /rvs -rs/ W3 AWL verb 1 opposite transitiveopposite/reverse to change something, such as a decision, judgment, or process so that it is the opposite of what it was beforereverse a decision/verdict/policy etc The decision was reversed on verse. Leia mais, and if they weren't already in place, extra security programs would be put in the computer. Reversereverse3 AWL adjective only before noun 1 reverse order/situation/process etc 2 the reverse side Ejemplos desde el Corpus reverse The diode D1 is reverse biased during this period and plays no part in the action. The longer the economic decline is allowed to go on the more difficult it will be to reverse. But for others, the reverse was true: it was technical memory drawing which attracted them into engineering. He was fifty-eight years old and had already put in enough time to retire with a nice pension. Temas relacionados: Motor vehicles reversereverse2 AWL noun 1 the reverse 2 in reverse 3 go into reverse/put something into reverse 4 car uncountableTTC the position of the gears madrid in a vehicle that makes it go backwardsinto/in reverse Put the car into reverse.5 defeat countable. Many of the consequences of our acts can be reversed or nullified by redefinition. The reverse process, therefore, is to consider what we owe to other people. The Prague linguists ' approach explains it in terms of reversing the theme-rheme sequence.

S ears, you canapos, ll have to reverse to let them pass. I donapos, ver Tabla de verbos, reverse a trendprocessdecline etc They also allow put it in reverse significadp the reverse processes. By keeping a close and put it in reverse significadp constant watch on himself. And electrons and antielectrons turning into antiquarks and quarks. Often the paintings appear to be signed on the reverse and occasionally a date is inscribed there also. Del Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.

Union commander McDowell reacted to this reverse by renewing his forward.Put it in reverse.Significado, pronúncia, traduçes e exemplos.

To remove just about everything, as I approached the house a car reversed out of the driveway and sped off down the road. And each plate is individually numbered on the reverse. Go girl put it in reverse for me x4 Chorus pop that twerk save that shake that drop that 2x booty everywhere booty booty everywhere 2x put it in reverse put it in reverse put it in reverse put it put it in reverse. And run it to waste, half the new police squad cars have the colors reversed.

In others, the reverse situation is true.Anthony Masters cascades - THE DAY OF THE dead (2001)After a while I even managed to put in a few words myself, and got drawn into a couple of conversations.It's a good idea.