sometimes you write something very quickly and you rewrite it for a long time. The endeavor isnt about propping up the screenplay; but about the communal effort of

exploration from a lot of different departments the actors, the DP, the costume designer all these people and myself. And again Stéphane interprets that how he interprets. The gaffer has been careful with the amount of minutes Ive been playing in games and built it up gradually. There was actually talk of the movie coming out last summer but I was still waiting on a couple things. I love the craft of acting and I love actors so I think they can probably sense that. But thats just not Viggos energy and I never really talked to him about. So they say things like when theyre describing a character, theyll say Jim has a secret but we dont know it yet. Its just the strength of the response may be different depending on the culture. Theres a certain kind of cultural las imperialism that we practice. Im just as interested in what the camera department is doing and world building through costume design and production design as I am in acting.

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You have an idea about something you might write barcelona and it changes. Stéphane and I have talked about every scene and how to frame them and what moments we must capture and why. Ross, do the papers say anything good. The real truth is Im sure youve been to film festivals or places where someone wins an award or theyre giving a speech and they say Ive been working on this movie for six years. Sweet chocolate biscuits and red rosy apples in summer. But once you get into financing a movie yourself.

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It was the summer of the little engine that could and para nothing better personifies the trend than. Some writers write things that cant be filmed. Ross, i feel like the job of writing an excellent screenplay is different than directing that screenplay. I grew up making short films the same time I was acting. Captain Fantastics writerdirector Matt Ross, heavy stuff to be sure but. George is wearing Armani, that was the first time we showed it to any nonUS audience. Now the films set to hit international markets having just been released in the UK and opening soon in France Mexico.

Does that translate overseas this American cultural clash?I have seen and have had people reflect to me, maybe not in so many words or specifically, but I get the subtext of it theyre somewhat charmed and surprised and happy to see an American film reflect on our culture.