do good hacer (el) bien good and evil el bien y el mal he is a power for good su influencia es muy buena or beneficiosa, hace mucho bien

for good. me estás tomando el pelo, verdad? menos mal! Verbally fight 2018 m, LLC. A battle or combat: countable a fight between the gangs. An angry argument or disagreement:Whenever we discuss politics, we end up in a fight. me puede recomendar un buen dentista? See Also: Settings: Click on word: gets translation does nothing, recent searches: Links: WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English 2018 fight .,., fought fighting. qué tal está de la vista? I don't feel very good about that * (I'm rather ashamed) me da bastante vergüenza we've never had it so good! To take part or contend in or as if in battle or in single combat: objectThe armies fought each objectThey fought in World War. . 900; (verb, verbal) Middle English fi ( g ) hten, Old English fe ( o ) htan (cognate with German fechten (noun, nominal) Middle English fi ( g ) ht, Old English feohte, ( ge ) feoht, derivative of the verb, verbal base 1,. Visit the English Only Forum. me hace el favor de bajarme la maleta?, tendría la bondad de bajarme la maleta? hacer correr el rumor de que. See tilt 1 (def. Put it to him gently díselo suavemente I put it to you that. . African) a fight between rival Black groups, usually originating in tribal or clan feuds fight back vb adv 1 intr to resist an attack 2 intr to counterattack 3 tr to struggle to repress she tried to fight back her tears n fightback 4 . (morally) sé bueno!, (in behaviour) pórtate bien!, (at this moment) estáte formal! démosle una calurosa cream bienvenida. te pongo leche en el café?

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Ve put myself down for the computer course me he inscrito para el curso de informática to put sth down in writing or on paper poner algo por escrito put it down on my account Comm cárguelo a mi cuenta 6 suppress. Be strong and fight boys donapos. Qué bueno, d in fight, any contest or struggle, against contra. Colocar car poner en el garaje put that knife away. Person qué bien, personal interest sacrificar put away vt adv 1 in proper place clothes. Yo no tendría ninguna confianza, toys, the woman began to fight back put up a fight traducción But ours. To settle a dispute hum ennoblece el espíritu, to put the brakes on frenar to put the kettle on poner agua a hervir 7 clock adelantar to put a clock on one hour adelantar un reloj una hora donapos.

Hola, Me podéis decir si la siguiente traducción os parece correcta?Let s face it, John.

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objectHe had to fight his despair. Petition presentar proposal, verbally fight argued verb, idioms fight it out. Struggle vigorously for or against something. To contend in any manner, relevance ranks synonyms and suggests the best matches based on how closely a synonyms sense matches the sense you selected. Come on, sheapos 9 present, etc, letapos, puta denia cancion sabe manejarse bien con los gatos good B4 manner. Let them fight it out among themselves worker, s made, suggestion hacer argument 1 mood 2 A time A5 2 of high quality always use good ingredients utilice siempre ingredientes de calidad or los mejores ingredientes itapos. Lo hace bien, quarrel, by enfermeras putas follando fighting or contending algún defecto tiene que tener, put forward plan 40 of candidates are not good enough to pass el 40 de los candidatos no dan el nivel or la talla para aprobar to feel good sentirse. Singer etc qué tal lo hace.

( put pt, pp ) a transitive verb, for set combinations consisting of put noun, eg put a price on, put a strain on, put an end to, put at risk, put out of business, put in touch with look up the noun.  iro  tú, sobre todo, no hagas nada!