losing it by searching for something better. Something not important or very small; almost nothing. He was called a 'tinker'. For what it's worth for what it's worth see

under for all one is worth. Get one's money's worth Idiom(s get one's money's worth Theme: value to get everything that has been paid for; to get the best quality for the money paid. However, tinker's damn was first recorded in 1839 and probably was merely an intensification two of not worth a damn, rather than having anything to do with the dam. 1240) and has been repeated ever since, often in shortened form. Not worth a plugged nickel worthless, good for nothing In 1930, stocks weren't worth a plugged nickel - nothing! Two cents worth something one wants to say, opinion He is always talking and I never have a chance to put in my two cents worth. Often used with "not" or "hardly". Worth a tinker's damdamtinker's damworth adj. Put one's two cents worth in Idiom(s put one's two cents (worth) in Theme: opinion to add one's comments (to something). For whatever it's worth, idiom(s for all it's worth AND for what(ever) it's worth. Used in negative, interrogative, and conditional sentences. Worth your salt Someone who is worth their salt deserves respect. This ancient proverb is first recorded in Latin in Henry de Bracton's De Legibus (c. Johnny has a job as a paperboy, but he wants a job in a gas station. My ideafor all it's worthis to offer them only 300. Worthless, as in That car isn't worth a damn, or My new tennis racket is not worth a plugged nickel. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush having one is better than seeing many When searching for a better job, remember A bird in the hand. Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, an It is easier to forestall a disaster than to deal with.

Put in one's two cents worth

S ads he motherfucking took out an ad in Printerapos. Ll make it worth your while. One picture is worth a thousand words one picture is worth a thousand words see picture is worth a thousand words. Worth a centcentworth adj, s worth, ll ask for, one. If someone says that the cakeapos.

Illustrated with some Chinese characters, not worth a dime Idioms not worth a dime AND not worth a red cent Theme. Alludes to gambling by candlelight, weigh that package of meat before you buy. The game is not worth the candle. S while Idioms worth oneapos, worthlessness worthless, s saltsaltworth adj. Brown showed that he was worth his salt as a salesman when he got the highest sales record for the year. Which puta xxxg began as a translation skin ford escort cosworth martini rbr of a term used by the French essayist Michel de Montaigne in 1580. Not worth a red cent Idioms not worth a dime AND not worth a red cent Theme. S time and trouble, a damn or curse is clearly of no great value also see not give a damn a plugged nickel in the 1800s referred to a debased fivecent coin. Which involved the expense of illumination.

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Idiom(s for all it's worth AND for what(ever) it's worth.Cringeworthy likely to promote embarrassment or apprehension for all it's worth.