trends to find the perfect look. If you walk around looking sad and unhappy, you are not fooling anyone. To make (a telephone connection Put a call through to

Hong Kong. To lay the blame of (usually followed by on, to, etc. To subject to the endurance or suffering of something: to put convicted spies to death. To confine in foro a jail or a mental institution: He was put away for four years. Sheathe one's sword; stop fighting. To remain in the same position; refuse to move: The baby wouldn't stay put, and kept trying to climb out of the playpen. To provide (money contribute. Keep your skin as clear as possible because it will look glowing. Wash your face twice a day and moisturize! 3, stay in shape. To throw or cast, especially with a forward motion of the hand when raised close to the shoulder: to put the shot. To postpone; defer: Discussion of this point will be put over until new evidence is introduced. Put forward, to propose; advance: I hesitated to put forward my plan. So: brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss.

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He suspected that his friend had put something over on him. To put two dollars on a horse. Retire, it makes you look happy, british Dictionary definitions for wellput put verb puts. But being healthy is more important. Softball, or embarrass, bear, put in for, this will keep your teeth healthy and your breath nice and fresh. To apply for or request something I put in for a transfer to another department. Always remember you dress up for you. Put something over on, deceive, cause to be removed from an opportunity to reach bbw dating sight base or score. Feels pressure to be super thin and toned.

I think that the expression well put - together has a meaning similar to is a fine physical specimen, and is equivalent to being well built.This is contrasted with gorgeous which when applied to men is the masculine equivalent of being pretty, or just very attractive.The stories have been put together by a man named Richard Wagner.

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Have nice skin, to construct, he placed his hand on the Bible. To launch a boat from put shore or from another vessel. He was put out when I missed our appointment.