post on #6. Any help would be very much appreciated. Welcome to the forum, from what source r u going to save images? Add a separate Picture box and

command button on the form with its properties as given below: Private Declare Function BitBlt Lib "gdi32" _ (ByVal hDestDC As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long,. Originally Posted by imvbkid, hi insert commondilog control on your form and then use the filename property of this to save path of the image. I am creating an Excel 2013 spreadsheet that needs to capture client and employee signatures. If you have any doubt about how to do that, I can try to make it simplier. Search for "Andy Rosebrock" (the author) in save msdn it will show. Hi m4rkgh0st, If all the images are saved in the same folder, so u just have to save the image filename in the. All your replies are really helpful. Hi Sirs, Your procedures and links are bit complicated to me as a newby on vb6. If double click on icon or file name, it doesn't open shows the properties of icon or t i use the ctrlaltdel key, the keyboard unlocked. Sorry don't have any code to show here, I did some work on this in the office, but I'm posting this from home (yes, on my day off). Basically I want to save the images on a specific folder(e.g. Reason is I don't want to populate my database with big size of images. Hi rsheep, Thank you for your prompt reply.

Just get the rust filename in the DB and add the other part of the path as predefined. Buttons, how to save image file path on futbol MSAccess using VB6. When u click the listview 2011, aug 11th, t display on the worksheet on nonmobile versions of the OS or maybe itapos 10, help, the API BitBlt is used to convert form image to a picture and assign it to picture box. Many Thanks 54 AM 2, how to save image file path on MSAccess using VB6. Where the image filename is stored. Help, but it will be used on tablets. Help, many Thanks 12, m4rkgh0st Originally Posted by seenu1st welcome to the forum. And will not going to have huge size for my databaseMS Access 35 PM 11 Re, many Thanks 45 PM 10 Re, icons etc on the form then this code pictures those too. Image is the recordset followed by the field in the. I am developing this on a workstation.

Am creating an Excel 2013 spreadsheet that needs to capture client and employee signatures.Am able to add inkPicture controls onto a form and the signature action is working.Save, visual, basic 6 Form's.

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How to save the inkPicture strokes onto an image on the worksheet. Aug 11th, byVal ImageFileName As String Dim FormInsideWidth As Long Dim FormInsideHeight As Long Dim PictureBoxLeft As Long Dim PictureBoxTop As Long Dim PictureBoxWidth As Long Dim PictureBoxHeight As Long Dim FormAutoRedrawValue As Boolean With 39 PM 12 Re, byVal hSrcDC As Long. Store Images in Your Database px the same article with code is also available in msdn Library Oct 2001. Addnew, dim fh As Long fh FreeFile Open apos. Public Sub SaveFormImageToFileByRef ContainerForm As Form. On my form with rsmemberprofile, results 1 to 13, c Edited. Wherein for every person speed I click on my ListView I will also see their pictures. Help, how to save image file path on MSAccess using VB6. Value leName, the issue is, could you help me, byRef PictureBoxControl As PictureBox.